Leadership Skills training in Melbourne – courses delivered in-house

When you get promoted into any type of leadership role – whether as a team leader, supervisor or manager – then people do start expecting more of you. Leadership training will provide you with an understanding and insight into those expectations – and how to manage them.

But more importantly, a good leadership course will equip you with the skills and tools you need to meet these higher expectations and standards. The fact that you have gained leadership responsibility indicates that someone higher-up believes that you possess the potential and many of the capabilities needed to succeed in the role.

However, a leadership course can offer you the extra guidance and direction in how to consciously and purposefully apply your capability. Leadership is about delivering results and outcomes – but it’s also about people and building healthy relationships. It’s about motivating and engaging people, winning their respect – and finding ways to get the very best out of them!

Have a look at our Leadership & Management Skills training – it is a 2 day intensive course delivered in-company in Melbourne. You will gain a deeper level of self-awareness and you’ll also learn about ….

  • how to manage performance,
  • how to delegate,
  • different styles of leadership,
  • techniques for influencing different types of people
  • making decisions from the leadership perspective,
  • how to build teamwork and
  • how to stay positive and resilient during stressful times

leadership course Melbourne

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The course leader is Brian Carroll – a qualified psychologist who brings more than 25 years of experience working in management development and leadership training. This is a highly interactive course delivered by a highly experienced presenter …….with a REAL WORLD instead of theory focus.

By the way, we are a corporate training company based in Melbourne that deliver not only leadership training but also offer a wide range of tailored in-house short courses.